Virginia Governors Inauguration

Virginia Governor Inauguration

BVC provided both the video screens and live audio for the Inauguration of Governor Ralph Northam. We used three LED screens this year, two for the main audience and one for the audience seated behind the podium. Using our line array truss towers, we hung two 8.9 BVC Revolution LED walls on each side of the Governor’s mansion for the audience seated in the bleachers. For the audience seated behind the podium, we attached our 4.9 LED wall to the bleachers above the press area. The bleachers were about 30 feet tall, so we made sure to use harnesses for safety. In order to connect the screens to the video production equipment, we had to use lots of fiber optic cable for signal. This included a 2000 ft. run all the way from Capitol Street to Bank Street.

In order to ensure the best coverage, we used a combination of line array and fill speakers. We had four stacks (5 each) of our QSC WL10 line array speakers, two near the screens and two under the main bleacher stage. There used 10 additional fill speakers to cover the back side of the mansion and the main stage. Thanks to complex wiring and routing, our sound technicians were able to have redundant sound boards using two Yamaha QL1s through a Dante network. At any point in the show, our back of house sound tech could hit a few buttons and transfer all control to the backup soundboard.

Show day went perfect despite some last minute curveballs. The event was packed, but our speakers covered every inch of the venue. We look forward to the next event four years from now!