BVC Mobile LED Wall

Mobile LED Wall

Last year, we welcomed the BVC Mobile LED Video Wall as the new addition to our fleet. A total of thirty-two LED panels (each measuring a half meter wide by one meter high) are attached to the truck and surround its three sides. In this position, the wall can display content, even while driving. As seen in the picture here, the truck could be used to display advertisements or other content.

LED screen BVC

Furthermore, the frame can be opened and combined with an additional sixteen panels, creating a twenty-six foot wide by ten-foot tall screen. The entire screen raises eight feet off the ground (eighteen feet to the top of the screen). The entire truck (video wall, lift mechanism, and processing rack) can be powered by the generator that resides in the box of the truck. This makes it ideal for outdoor events with limited power access. The truck just drives to your event, opens up, and is ready to go.  It also has external connections for shore power or an external generator.

LED Screen at Midlothian Festival

One of the beautiful things about this truck is the versatility of having a screen that is wider than usual. Videos can be kept aspect correct in the center of the screen leaving space for advertising around the edges or other event logos. The Mobile LED Video Truck was used at the Midlothian Food Festival in this way. During the festival, the truck displayed a video of the major sponsors and live camera content in the center and a constant loop of the event’s sponsor logos around the edges.

Give us a call to see how this new addition to the ever-expanding BVC inventory can take your next outdoor event to the next level!